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Gone are the days of leveraging huge amounts of unconsented consumer data for targeted outreach. Every month marketers are shifting billions of dollars into privacy safe channels for customer acquisition – with most scrambling to find ways to stay relevant, timely, and top of mind. Squeezing out the right audience in increasingly saturated channels using the same targeting criteria buries your message and costs too much. How will you get in front of people you don’t yet know while eliminating immense data privacy risk?

People are what they read.


What people read and watch every day. MarketChorus uses natural language processing and machine learning to analyze endless streams of online content. There’s no better way to understand what people care about.


To tailor-made audience segments using content as the lens. Dramatically extend reach by truly understanding readers, then target and retarget the best message to the best people. All 100% privacy safe!


Brand health and exposure while benchmarking content consumption. Understand content impact and mindshare in market. MarketChorus measures how content directly impacts top-line revenue and bottom line profit.


Content creation and SEO/SEM by leveraging critical topics, signals and entities in real time. Drive to the forefront of thought leadership in your vertical by knowing the who, what, where, when, and how of good (and bad) messaging.

What is Resonance?

It’s a unique and dynamic score reflecting mindshare on the web. Resonance measures the attention, impact, and ultimate success or failure of the content you produce, delivering an instant (and continuous) measure of content performance compared to mainstream, industry, and competitor content. Directly leverage audiences reading similar or competitor content, expanding reach while measuring influence.


Reach Optimization

Reach people already consuming content representing interest. Learn about the topics and signals driving attention to competitor or industry content. Use these privacy safe indicators to beat other marketers – improving efficiency, reducing cost, and eliminating waste.

Retargeting Optimization

Whether you’re executing directly through social channels or paying an agency partner to retarget, combining these efforts with MarketChorus Reach Optimization drives efficiency, delivering unique insights and improved audience response. Break down the essence and meaning of specific pages to create unique retargeting journeys with hyper-specific messaging.

Audience Optimization

View personas and audience insights as a function of the content your customers consume. See who and what gets their attention, and when and how sources influence their view. See the hashtags, influencers and trends that matter most to your business.

Content Optimization

Build better content by understanding what the right people are reading in the moment. Surface real-time intelligence, delivering keywords, topics, and signals of what to write about when. Improve SEO/SEM, understand competitor positioning, and make your team unquestioned thought leaders in your industry.


Privacy Safe

Privacy Safe MarketChorus measures people's attention to content. We help you create dynamic audience segments based on engagement with news, whitepapers, blogs, videos – any content people consume. This happens with zero personally identifiable information, eliminating risk and enabeling you to promote your brand’s position in the data privacy debate.

Channel Agnostic

Lots of B2B companies dump the majority of their ad spend into professional social networks. Lots of B2C companies simply make slight adjustments to their prior year’s budget. Lots of companies dump large allocations into an agency black box. MarketChorus helps marketers take control of this situation, making data driven budget decisions by testing an optimizing every channel.

Time to Value

There may be a little bias here, but we’re pretty sure we’ll be the easiest partner you’ve ever worked with. With straightforward yet powerful software and APIs, MarketChorus fits simply into nearly any marketing or publishing stack. All of our solutions can be tested with low-impact proof of concepts, and if we’re not proving ROI it’s likely we’ll be the ones to walk away. Let’s get started!

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