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The Content Life Cycle

The combined value of the content marketing, newspaper, and magazine industries is over $500B each year. Each piece of content requires brainstorming, research, vetting, publishing, promotion, and analysis. To date, moving content through this life cycle has been an expensive, inefficent, and manual effort. Machine learning is changing that reality quickly.

AI for Content Creators.


Brainstorming meetings are artifacts of a different time... and no one has time for that anymore. Machine learning can spot emerging trends and anomalies, providing recommendations on interesting topics that can save hours spent on research and curation.


Peer into the future with predictive analytics. Analyze the potential of content you’re producing by examining related articles' performance. Track topics through their rise and decline and engage when the time is right.


Build the audience before the content with AI that scours social networks for people sharing and engaging similar relevant content. Start with a topic or an example article and let the machine do the rest.


Power your content publishing efforts with insights distilled from the top content on any topic. Compare headlines, keywords, and the meaning behind them to understand what’s driving success in your niche. Produce content in your platform of choice informed by a wealth of unique insights.


Export audiences and create lookalikes based on the meaning of the owned content your visitors have read. Retarget reader segments intelligently using your existing Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google pixlels based on the content they consume from your site. Use your own data to beat typical social ad campaign results by 400%-500%.


Track your content across social networks, contrast and compare with competitors, and understand how content “goes viral” in your niche. Know what’s important in your space, what it’s about, and who is creating, sharing, and consuming it.

What is Resonance?

An evolving score that reflects your share of mind on the web. Resonance measures the attention, impact, and ultimate success of the content you produce. It’s an instant (and continuous) measure of content performance compared to mainstream, industry, and competitor content. High resonance scores translate to attention, interest, and intent. Our platform makes it simple to identify and activate on these insights in real-time.

Resonance Platform


• Search any topic or URL
• Browse dozens of related articles
• Spot emerging trends
• Dig into interesting anomalies


• Spot and save relevant content
• Quickly share to social tools
• Add sources to refine your search
• Saved searches evolve over time


• Track URLs across social media
• Identify engaged audiences
• Segment by audience intersects
• Export lists for activation


• Discover by topic or articles
• Rank by level of engagement
• Analyze influencer networks
• Combine and export lists easily


• Predict trending topics
• Track resonance over time
• Analyze competitor content
• Mine viral content for insights


• Twitter audience of any content
• Map to longtail FB Interests
• Identify longtail search terms
• Maintain lists automatically


• Segment by content-meaning
• Intersect to find engaged niches
• Retarget on social & Google
• Maintain audiences automatically


• Model viral impact on social
• Visualize life cycle of content
• Customize reports by role
• Generate visual reports instantly

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