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Lead Generation

Target the Right People at the Right Time.

Social Advertising, CRM & Traditional Marketing

What We Do

We use a combination of current news, blogs and social data to deliver high-performance leads. Our patented technology uses what people read and share to better understand: them, their interests, and their networks.

It's a new way of understanding your existing (and potential) audience that yields impressive results. Contact us today to see how we can help.

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Case Study: D Magazine

Using Twitter Ads, we ran a campaign driving new magazine subscriptions for D Magazine, the city magazine for Dallas. In parallel, D ran the same campaign using D's own targeting. We were able to convert new subscribers at a 60% lower CPA than D's existing methods.


reduction in CPA


more impressions


reduction in CPC


reduction in eCPE

Case Study: Flixster

Using Twitter Ads, we ran campaigns for Flixster promoting the streaming release of two Hollywood blockbusters on UltraViolet. We more than doubled the leads for less spend.

Sci-Fi Movie Campaign
Follows: + 175%
Spend: - 16%
Click to Lead: + 35%
Cost per Lead: - 40%
Zombie Movie Campaign
Follows: + 36%
Spend: - 10%
Click to Lead: + 70%
Cost per Lead: - 48%

“Using the MarketChorus algorithm, we ran Promoted Tweets and more than doubled the number of leads to Flixster's UltraViolet digital movie store. Compared to standard keyword targeting, we drove 56% more leads at nearly half the cost.”

—Mili Patel, Director, Digital Marketing at Flixster

Audience Analysis

Get Actionable Insights Into Any Audience.

What We Do

We deliver actionable insights useable throughout your organization. Contact us to see how we can help.

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  • Owned Networks
  • Competitor Networks
  • Topic Based Networks
  • Customer Databases
  • Email Lists

Classify & Segment

Track and deliver existing customers, followers, competitors, potential markets, look-alikes, and more.

Sociographic Insights

Understand any audience as a function of what they read and share, not just by their lifestyle statistics.

Dynamic & Responsive

Interests change over time. Get regular updates so your marketing message is always fresh.


Understanding People Through What They Read and Share.

Contextually Smart

Our patented technology creates a representation of a campaign and measures how it's resonating in real-time.

Measures Interest

We track interest across social networks by measuring share counts for multiple articles that represent a campaign.

From Ideas to People

We deliver the people who are reading and sharing the ideas relevant to your campaign.

Semantic Analysis

Automated machine learning and topic modeling identifies clusters of related news over time and powers conceptual matching.



Novel Approach

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