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Resonance on HootSuite

Resonance for HootSuite is a unique way to discover people relevant to your business for lead generation, audience analysis, and real-time marketing. Where other tools simply search for tweets, keywords, or hashtags, Resonance uses machine learning to analyze paid, owned, and earned content plus the people sharing it. Because it studies entire stories being shared, Resonance can tell you the context of people's interests and show you what they are saying. With Resonance, you can tailor your content to your audience, turn your now-engaged audience into customers, and convert your customers into brand evangelists.
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For Social/Community Managers

Discover, track, and publish meaningful content based on trending topics and social signals, making it easy to chart the popularity of the content your company creates, aggregates, or shares.

For Marketers

Use Resonance for lead generation and to grow targeted audiences, improving marketing campaigns and CRM applications.

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*Available for HootSuite Pro and Enterprise Users.

From Content to People


Create a channel (news, blogs) around any topic (brands, products, competitors).

Streams of People

See the stream of people reading, talking and sharing an article.

Reach Out

Join the conversation. Follow users, RT, reply, or contact them directly.

Find Similar

Once you've found an article, find related content and people.

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